Over 40 years assembling Swiss Made watches for Swiss and international brands

Your watch-assembly partner

The company, as we now know it, was founded in 1973 by Armando and Elda. Their paternal grandfather, Mario Veronelli, had had a shop on an historic street in the centre of Bellinzona before opening his first workshop for the assembly of watch movements in the same city. In due course, Armando and Elda incorporated the business as a public company with a view to developing its presence in the watch-assembly market, both in the so-called “T1” sector (assembly of watch movements) and the T2 and T3 sectors (assembly of watch heads and finished timepieces).

Since then, Veronelli SA has broadened its range of services and products, albeit remaining strictly within the timepiece sector, and today employs a workforce of around 50 individuals. Veronelli SA is headed by CEO Matteo Veronelli.


T1 Movement Assembly

Assembly and pre-assembly of quartz, mechanical and automatic watch movements. Extensive experience in the movement sector, employing a workforce of specialist craftspeople with up-to-date training.

In the T1 phase, we start with the bare plate and end with a finished, functioning movement that is duly tested for quality and performance.


T2 Assembly of watch heads

To the movement we add dials, hands, cases and some sort of closing mechanism: press-on, screw-on case backs, or backs fixed with screws or closures from the front crystal setting. Quality testing for appearance and performance. Water resistance testing is available on request, depending on requirements.

Water resistance and waterproofing checks are provided in the form of pressure testing from 0.5 to 20 bars. Wet testing and condensation testing, whereby the watch is heated, are available to ensure the impermeability of the case, and appropriate air humidity at the moment of closure.


T3 Assembly of finished watches and quality controls

Strap or bracelet fitting, with relative strength, torsion and clasp testing. Bracelets and straps can be made from various materials: precious metals, steel, leather, synthetic materials.

There are also various fitting types: spring bars, tubes, screws, etc. Each piece is re-checked before it is packaged for delivery.


T4 Packaging and delivery

Watches packaged individually in boxes or cases for retail sale, or packaged for wholesale. Delivery anywhere in the world. We have been working with our transport providers for decades, and have a similar wealth of experience in processing the paperwork required for different destinations (including certificates of origin).

We are happy to provide personalised stock management solutions to suit the client’s every requirement. Pre-production, we carry out quality control checks on all incoming stocks. Similarly, before processing any orders, checks are carried out on stock levels and warehouse management.

We offer an integrated research and design consultancy service.

Improve your distribution network with personalised warehousing and logistics

Services provided

  • Assembly of mechanical watch movements
  • Assembly of quartz watch movements
  • Assembly of finished watches for various product lines, from mid- to top-range.
  • Laser soldering of indices to watch dials
  • Import and export, from components to finished watches
  • Warehousing management on behalf of clients
  • Research and development of new models
  • Pre-production preseries quality testing and consultancy services
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for SWISS MADE certification
  • We work with clients producing as few as 5,000 pieces a year, and as many as 500,000
  • Swiss and non-Swiss clients who want to bring SWISS MADE products to the market
  • Post-sales service

What sets us apart

  • Flexibility
  • Precision
  • Temperature and humidity controlled manufacturing environment
  • Assembly chamber maintained at increased air pressure to reduce dust infiltration
  • Employees receive ongoing training
  • Calibrated instruments
  • Close collaboration with sister company Reglatronic SA.

Veronelli SA, directors

Matteo Veronelli - CEO Veronelli SA

Matteo Veronelli

CEO Veronelli SA
Tel. +41 091 858 38 31
Luca Veronelli - CEO Reglatronic SA

Luca Veronelli

CEO Reglatronic SA
Tel. +41 091 858 38 31